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I am a user experience researcher with a background in Linux quality assurance, a masters in social psychology, and a computer science undergraduate degree.

My career has consistently focused on humans and technology, whether it's about preventing bugs from affecting customers, my work in psychology with facial expressions, or my work with human-robot interaction. I am driven to learn what people need, how best to support them, and what current tools and processes are available. I also enjoy working with others to share what I know and gain their perspectives and experiences.

I am passionate about using UX and user research to make websites accessible to everyone. The web should be for everyone, not just those with access to high speed internet, or those who are able to quickly and easily both see and hear the available content.

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"Suzanne is a great fit for a heavily technical team such as ours because she has that rare killer combination of technical background/aptitude and a solid understanding of and passion for UX principles." -Máirín Duffy (on my linkedIn)

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