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I have recently finished a 12 week UX Design project through Outreachy, during which I worked on the Regional Hubs feature of Fedora Hubs.

I am currently looking for a full-time job as an interaction designer or a UX researcher, preferably within the Open Source sphere.

Who Am I?

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My Medium blog offers a less formal and more personal perspective about my experiences and thoughts relating to UX design. It links to the the beginning of my work with the Fedora Project. For a specific example of how I think through a problem, see the Locations are hard post.

When time and weather permit, I enjoy wandering in the woods, kayaking, working in my garden, and playing some computer games. I also enjoy travel when the opportunity arises.

In past lives, I have been a Linux quality assurance engineer, an unofficial tech writer, and a psychology graduate student.

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