It's me!


I have recently finished a 12 week UX Design project through Outreachy, during which I worked on the Regional Hubs feature of Fedora Hubs.

I am currently looking for a full-time job as an interaction designer or a UX researcher, preferably within the Open Source sphere.

I'm trying to keep accessibility principles in mind for this website. You can see what I'm using to do this on my accessibility page.

Who Am I?

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The above button will send you to my Medium blog about my experiences and thoughts relating to UX design. It's a less formal version of much of what is in my portfolio, and will start you out at the beginning of my work with the Fedora Project.

When time and weather permit, I enjoy wandering in the woods, kayaking, working in my garden, and playing some computer games. I also enjoy travel when the opportunity arises.

In past lives, I have been a Linux quality assurance engineer, an unofficial tech writer, and a psychology graduate student.

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