Portfolio of Suzanne Hillman

Regional Fedora Hubs - (December 2016-March 2017)

Regional Hubs is an offshoot of the existing Fedora Hubs project. The overarching goal is to encourage and support the Fedora community, by helping with user onboarding, encouraging in-person social interaction, and helping people find each other and events.

Cambio Buddies (March-June 2016)

Mockup of the home screen including a map and an activity tracker

Mockup of the home screen including a map and an activity tracker

There are few ways to exchange foreign currency that don't have high fees or other costs. As a result, people often have foreign currency which was not cost-effective to exchange to their own currency. Cambio Buddies offers a way to connect those who have this currency with people who need it, allowing them to bypass normal exchanges.

Details on Cambio Buddies project

Hack VA PTSD forms (May 7, 2016)

Hackathon whiteboard

Outlining our plans on the whiteboard

The forms for veterans to get mental health care for PTSD were unfortunately not designed with the user in mind. They are neither easy to understand nor to fill out, and fail to empathize with the veterans who need to use them. I was part of a small group of designers who met at Mad*Pow Boston in early May to attempt to address these issues.

Details on the hackathon