Leisure Time

Like most of us, I spend a certain amount of time playing mindless games to let my mind unwind after a difficult day. These vary, and are mostly on my phone.

I also play World of Warcraft, although more often in the winter when it's harder to do things outdoors. If you're interested, my main character is Cathriara on Garrosh.

Living things

I've got a lot of plants, both inside and outside the house. Most of them are pretty tolerant of me, since I'm not great about watering regularly. Of course, in most cases, overwatering is worse than underwatering!

Some of my plants in my home office

The inside plants get a vacation outdoors when it's warm enough, and I also start some plants from seed. I've got a raised bed for leafy greens and root veggies, as well as some planters. I also have a few spots in the yard for annual fruiting plants like tomatoes, peas, and sometimes cucumbers.

Pond in May

There's a small fish pond in the yard, containing small fish that are less likely than the previous occupants to breed too fast and overpopulate themselves. We have toads, as well, and their spawn are fun to watch grow up.

Pond in July

Tiny toad in my hand!

I've also got a few fish tanks inside the house, because I enjoy their antics. Some contain fish, and others contain freshwater shrimp. They all have snails because it's difficult to not have them, and certain kinds are more helpful than not.

One of my cats, watching my fish tanks

There are two cats, and two other adult humans in the house. I'm quite fond of all of them.

I enjoy my local zoo, the Stone Zoo, and have taken many photos of the ceatures there.


I enjoy traveling when I have the chance. Partly, I enjoy seeing new places, new people, and different flora and fauna. I also have friends who are scattered around the country, and it's always nice to get a chance to see them.

I once spent most of a summer traveling around the South Western US, spending some time visiting my parents who are now in Florida, and learnin to scuba dive in Honduras. That was an excellent time, but I was definitely glad to get home at the end of it. Having no home base got tiring.

Small lizard in a white-skinned hand

I caught an anole at my parents' place


When the weather cooperates, I love spending time in forested areas and near bodies of water. In both cases, I will tend to focus my attention on whatever living beings inhabit those locations. Typically these are birds, but I will also spend a fair bit of time looking for fish. The friends and loved ones who sometimes accompany are quite tolerant of this behavior.

Spot Pond

A photo of one of the places I walk with my people

I also recently learned that I enjoy kayaking. I don't do it nearly as often as I'd like, since it has a high activation cost.