Active Projects of Suzanne Hillman

These are the UX projects I am currently involved with.

Website Redesign

My original home page.

Feedback from others and additional ideas of my own have led to specifically working on the UX of my website. Overall, I am making my site more approachable and easily navigable.

Details on my website redesign project


Patternfly user dropdown pattern

I'm helping out with the design part of RedHat's Patternfly repository. This has helped get me more experience working with and updating style guides, as well as allowing me to develop my skills in adjusting PNG files. I have recently begun a research project, and reviewed their accessibility document.

Details on my Patternfly work


A friend of mine has been working on a piece of software with a goal of supporting and encouraging collaboration about and sharing of information within communities. He's been working on it for about 5 years now, so my current goal is to better understand what is is for, how it is used, and what the immediate goals would be. For more information, see this Medium blog post about Querki.

Recycle Bot

I've been working with a student at Northeastern on the UX for a recycle robot. We do not have plans to create the robot itself, so this project is more about adding additional experience and helping her through a UCD process. I've posted about the project on Medium, and we are currently in the sketching and revision stage.

UX Newbies and Career Changers: Getting Your First Job

I've noticed that getting one's first job in UX is very difficult. I asked on the UXPA Boston Facebook group for thoughts on this dilema, and a prominent member of the group suggested that I could run a program to help newbies and career changers with this. She also said that I could go to the UXPA Boston board and get some help and resources, once I have something to pitch to them.

To start, I need to gather data around the hiring process: what do those looking believe that they need to do and what do they struggle with? What do hiring managers look for and why? What do UX folks appreciate and avoid in fellow UX co-workers?

My initial instinct from my own search is that there's a shockingly low number of available jobs for entry-level UX folks, it's difficult to know how to best stand out, and it's hard to focus one's learning with vast amounts of uncurated online resources.

For more information, see my Medium post describing the project and asking for folks to interview.